Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Soon Sammi, Soon

I I was looking at the calendar and realized that I had counted wrong for when we get the new puppy. I though we would have her in just under two weeks, but nope, she does not turn five weeks old until the 29th. that means I am going to have to call the vet back and reschedule her appointment for her deworming and check up!

So far we have picked up her new puppy crate, and have a good supply of puppy chow on hand. The vet will tell us at her appointment if we need to supplement her with puppy formula. We still need to pick up a leash and collar as well as stopping in at town hall to grab a puppy license.

I would love to get Sammi some puppy toys to chew on, but all the toys that are size appropriate for the pup, Smokey will ruin in sixty seconds. the only think I can think of doing is getting some squeakers for her - I cannot find a picture of the kind I mean, but they are kind of smooshy and rubber, and Smokey plays with them for about four months before they break, so they would work.

There is no need for a doggy bed for the pup, Ideally I would like Smokey adn sammi to share Smokeys bed - not righ taway though - but the first few months, Sammi will need to be crated. (We crated Smokey at night and when we went out until she could hold her bladder and proved to us she was a "good dog" when left alone and able to roam the house)

Other then a leash, coller, and toys, can you think of anything else we will need?

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Not a Granny said...

Puppy treats! Must have treats!!