Friday, September 12, 2008

Sopping Mad *edited to add*

A week ago, hubs and I bought this:

It is, obviously, a shower caddy. And showers, as you may know, are very wet places. When I took the above three pictures i searched the box and instructions for any where it might have said "do not get wet" Or " this is rust proof material" anything like that, but there was nothing in the warning section, and nothing on the box itself.

However, after LESS than a week of showers - we did not put it in until three days after we bought it, and we only shower twice a day, sometimes once if hubs and I are conserving water at the time, this has happened:

Yeah. Rust. It is only on the soap dish part, not on the wire baskets for holding shampoo et el, but seriously. RUST. On something that is supposed to be put in a SHOWER. Which is WET.

Included in the box were these little grey colored tape things. The instructions told us to put them around the seems of the shower caddy - the poles- to prevent moisture from getting into them. The shower was dry, the poles were dry. And yet, Less than a week later, the tape is peeling off, or in the case of the second photo, has split in the center where the poles join.

there is a small part in the warnings portion of the instruction booklet that cautions that if your roof is too low, part of the pole may need to be cut so that there is not there is not a huge amount of tension in the pole, so we measured the roof, and it fell SMACK in the center of the approved roof height. meaning we should put the caddy in and not worry about having to cut off pieces or add a piece.

AND THEN. yes, a then. We put the caddy in, one inch from the walls at the top and once inch from the walls at the bottom, liek it said too, but the center of the caddy is WAY bowed out. at least two inches. We re-read the instructions, re-measured the roof, and everything, according to the instructions points to us having installed and built the thing properly.

I am SO unimpressed with this product, and having spent 40.00* on it just makes me more upset.

Were I you, I would steer clear of this thing, its a huge bucket of FAIL!

And yes, I am absolutely going to contact them to bring my concerns to their attention. I will update if they actually respond!

EDIT - I just received an email from someone within the Zenith company, they have never heard of this product rusting, nor heard of the tape untaping. My pictures will be sent to their quality control department for further investigation.

If I send a copy of my receipt to them, they are willing to give me a full refund. I am going to e-mail asking if they would like more pictures and to ask if a scan of the receipt would be OK.

The tone of the email I received was very polite, even friendly and I am quite shocked at how prompt the response was! I wrote the post Friday afternoon and received a reply by the following Monday! I am happy.

*I was wrong on the cost, it was 30.00. I had to hunt down the receipt for the shower caddy to send in for my refund


Shelli said...

That is ridiculous. Where did you buy it?

Marilyn said...

Isn't it nice when they take a complaint seriously. I like customer service departments that are really customer service departments. Most of them seem to be customer ignore departments.