Friday, September 26, 2008

Thirsty Solutions

Logan is ALWAYS thirsty. He drinks constantly. And yeah, Ive already taken him in for diabetes testing, he was clear, but still he drinks.

When we were staying at my dads last summer, Their tap water is not fit for drinking, so everyone drinks bottled water. Logan went through a CASE of 24, 1 Liter bottles of water in two days. So you can imagine how often I am getting up to give him a glass of water or juice or milk!

That is, until we bought this thing. It's like those big water purifiers things, My dad and In Laws have the big ones, but this one, it doesn't do anything except make it easy for Logan to get his OWN drink!

I still have to re fill it, and I often fill it a bit and then freeze an inch of ice on the bottom so the water stays colder longer - the big ones chill and heat the water for you, but hey, filling this every few hours is better than getting up to get him a drink every few minutes!

(pee ess: that's Parker in the photo, not Logan!)

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