Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oil Spill!

Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent three doors down. My father in law turned 69 today (September 21) and of course, we had to be on hand to celebrate. On Saturday, one of hubs sister's and her family were there, and for a little bit, the children of one of hubs other sisters dropped by.

While R was there, Hubs and I had gone out for a smoke and I pointed to R's car saying that if he was any closer to the curb he would be on the grass. His tire was literally millimeters from being on the grass. Later on in the evening it was time for hubs and I to take the boys home, R had left about twenty minutes earlier, and both Hubs and I stopped to look where R had parked his car. We were checking the lawn for tire marks!

Instead, we found a puddle the size of a deck of cards and about 10 or 15 drips around it of oil! R has been driving his sister's car, a beat up old thing, since he got his license eight weeks ago and it looks like it is time for him to get to an auto parts store!

Both Hubs and My father-In-Law said that R will be lucky if his transmission lasts another month if he doesn't get the oil problem taken care of!

I love the convenience of cars, but I sure do hate the upkeep of them!

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