Friday, September 26, 2008


So, Logan went for his four year old shot on Wednesday. While we were sitting, waiting for our turn, he entertained himself by sending his daddy an email on my iTouch. Then he played a few games on it and it was his turn.

Think about it! When I was a kid, the word "E-Mail" never crossed my lips. Nor did the word Computer or laptop or
digital cameras. Actually, Digital Anything! And I am not yet thirty!

It's funny that my kids know these words, when I learned of them much later in life. I used to go ask my mom if I could play with her make up, My kids ask if they can play on my laptop!

What words can you think of that your kids say that you would have never said as a kid - and I mean in terms of technology and news, not swears and slang!


Anonymous said...

We wouldn't have been caught dead using the word "texting" (besides, the nuns probably would have thought it was something blasphemous and we would have been dead anyways).

Bluepaintred said...

Phinz - YES! I never thought about texting or anything cell phoneish becuase we are a cell phone free family! Good one!