Monday, September 22, 2008

On House Repairs

Last night Hubs opened the door the the basement. Once that door is opened, you go down three steps to a landing where you can either go outside or continue on downstairs. Hubs had opened the basement door so that he could go down to the landing and feed the cat her dinner - cat food stinks, so she has to eat it away from me!

The very first step, right where the door closes is carpeted, as are the sides of the stairs, but the steps themselves ate lino. The carpeting is left over from when we tore out the carpet upstairs, we decided not to do the stairs as stairs looked like a really tough project!

Looks like we should have done them when we had the chance - and when we were able to get flooring that matched! The cat has torn up that little piece of carpeting WAY beyond repair, and eventually it will have to be replaced.

Its not a huge job like fence installation, but we will have a tough time, I think, trying to find a wood laminate that is a close match to what is already upstairs, AND the basement is a completely different color than the upstairs was done, so I'm not sure how to go about deciding how that works!

I think that what will have to happen is that I will have to live with the sight of that torn up carpet (or replace that bit of carpet) until we have the money to redo the entire upstairs. When we did it last time, we only did the hallway and living room, we left the kitchen with its lino, and the bedrooms carpeted. I wish we had poneyed up the extra money and done the bedrooms and kitchen when we had the chance!

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Marilyn said...

My dog has torn up the linoleum by the kitchen door "telling" us she needs to go out. I wish we'd thought to teach her some other signal. I heard on the radio that some dogs ring a little bell.