Thursday, June 12, 2008

But. I forgot!

When you buy a computer you can do all sorts of things to it to improve it.

Just like.... when you get lipo, you are improving you.

Following me?

I need a memory upgrade. I'm tired of forgetting everything. I'm tired of writing lists and making notes on my hands! And, while I'm getting my memory upgrade I think I would like to install a spell check and grammar check program! I wonder if they have climate control programs? I would love to be able to regulate my own temperatures! ( I mean, computers COME with fans, why can't I have just one??!)

its not very fair if you think about it, all this time and energy and money goes into making bigger (and smaller) faster, more powerful, BETTER computers, I demand they stop and figure out how to make me better! A new and improved BPR if you will.

I can see the headlines now. "Scientists create BPR model 2.0(and the world rejoices)"

Ahh. A good day that would be indeed! A day for the history books!

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