Monday, June 09, 2008

Sweet Sweet Success

Remember this post? You should its only two days old! And right below this one! (LOLz) Well, as the title says, I have had absolute success with my search for Smallville Season Seven, and it was in a place I would have never thought to look!

I used Twitter to ask where to find it, and Laci from Long Slow Beautiful Dance had the answer almost immediately!

September ninth! She found the answer on Amazon. If you thought that Amazon was all "Oh look at me, I'm Amazon books" then you would be wrong, kinda like me!

But, it makes sense (now that I know) that I should have gone to a retail site not a TV show homepage to find out when I can BUY something! DUH!

Oh well, I know it now, thanks to Amazon and Laci and although I hate the thought of waiting until September to start watching, at least now I know when to start looking!

So. September ninth. Mark it on your calendar. Remember it. I know I will!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you found your answer. I checked Netflix for you, but their answer was 'unknown'.

Bluepaintred said...

thanks for looking!