Thursday, June 12, 2008

Public Service Announcement

When you travel health insurance is really important. REALLY IMPORTANT. I cannot stress that enough. Actually, I can, I could just type RALLY IMPORTANT over and over and over again, but I won't because that would be annoying. You will just have to agree with me, RIGHT NOW that travel insurance is REALLY IMPORTANT.

And now I will tell you why it is so VERY, VERY important.

My in laws travel a lot. They also have a LOT of health issues. last winter my Father in law had this skin rash thing. It covered his whole body and was extremely painful. becuase they had travel insurance he was able to go to a US doctor (we are in Canada, keep that in mind) and get a prescription for the rash.

Without travel insurance, the cost of the doctors visit and the medication would have been horrible, mostly becuase of all his other pre-existing health problems. he had to have six different tests before getting the green light on the prescription - all for a painful skin rash.

I might point out that they were a 27 hour drive from home and there is no way he would have been able to handle a car ride in the condition he was in.

So. just to reiterate, travel insurance is a MUST. Even if you think nothing will go wrong!

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