Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maybe I misunderstood...

...But i thought that we were entering into a recession?

Yet, there are tonnes of jobs available here! Every where I look people are hiring. If I wanted a job tomorrow I could co out and take my pick - and this is with me not being int he work force for TEN years!

I had assumed that during a recession there weer very few jobs available, and that was one of the reasons there WAS a recession. Just from doing a quick search online I can see that it is pretty much the same in the States as it is here. That you can get jobs in Chicago just as quickly as here.

Here is a great example, I live in a small town, just over 5000 people, I can get a job working for the town, the pizza place, the flower place, the dollar store, the video rental store, all three gas stations and three of the four restaurants we have. There are also openings at the two coffee shops and the Knotty Monk - which I think is a bar/lounge/restaurant place, but I have never been in it so I don't know.

So? Have I misunderstood, isn't job availability part of a recession??!

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Richard Jennings said...

Whatever the employment stats are these days - I see a lot of high paying jobs on employment sites too -

I dont think the stats match the market