Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Budgets aren't enough anymore!

So. Yay! My brother, his girlfriend of like six years, and their two year old daughter were just evicted from the place they were renting. Seems, due to a workplace injury and no steady money coming in, they were unable to pay their rent - although - to be honest, the way the economy is going, if I had to pay rent, instead of my mortgage payment, I might be int he same boat.

On average, people who are renting are paying 300 to 500 dollars MORE a month than Hubs and I are on our mortgage payment. Hubs has an excellent job, awesome hours, even better benefits, and very a competitive wage. I thank my lucky stars each payday when we make our mortgage payment that we bought our home when we did. So many people I know are in need of foreclosure help, and these are good people, people with jobs, and budgets and everything, but gas, food, clothing, rent - it's all going up up up, and there seems to be no sign of it stopping.

Hubs workplace, in fact, just had a meeting last week to discuss a cost of living wage increase! How bad is the economy if wage is increasing to deal with it? Don't get me wrong,
I am happy that he will get the increase, it will sure help out, but it sure is a scary sign of the times, isn't it?

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