Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gifts that are NOT toys!

My three boys have way way way too many toys, and it is our fault. Birthdays, Christmas, we get them toys toys toys and more toys! But, we are making a conscious effort to change this habit. For example, one of the gifts Logan (3) will be opening on his fourth birthday (End of June) is a personalised T-Shirt.

It's a start!

I remember when we got our first born his first personalised gift. When we were still int he hospital going through the millions of bits of papers that you have to deal with after having a baby, there was a packet of coupons for things like diapers, formula, breast pads, and one for a personalised Birth Story Book.

We kept and used the birth story coupon and Parker, who has realized that reading is not the most evil thing in the world in the last months, has begun taking an interest in it - it's about time , he is almost nine! About a week ago he brought it upstairs and read it to his brothers - who, naturally, got upset that they did not have their own book!

personalized gifts are a good idea becuase everyone wants a piece of themselves, and kids are especially interested in things like that!

For my younger two? Maybe I will pick them up some stickers with their names on!

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Blogarita said...

Sparky's getting one of those personalized books for her birthday in July.