Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Just Easier

I love my laptop, please understand that, but I think it would have been easier in the long run to have gone with a Dell.

I want two things for my laptop, both of which seem pretty simple and easy to understand to me : I want more memory and I want an external hard drive to store my photos on.

So I went to Future shop, where I bought this laptop, pointed out THE EXACT SAME laptop I have and said : I want more memory. This is the laptop I have. How do I do that and how much will it cost.

DUR. I can only assume that real words did not fall from my lips, that the sales dude hear me speaking in tongues becuase he was absolutely flummoxed by my question.

See, this is the "easier"part. With a Dell I could have called them, told them who I am and said "I want some more dell memory. How do I do that and how much will it cost"

And you know what? I bet they would not only answer me, but they would do it FOR ME.

Hubs computer is quite crappy. I want to get him a new one, he is content with what he has. Eventually, he will change his mind and I will steer him towards a dell. I LIKE easy things.

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