Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Worries

Well, the dishes are done, the floors have been swept washed and vacuumed. I even cleaned up the bathroom - including scrubbing the toilet! (go me!) But a new worry has appeared. It's raining. It's been raining most of the day. That means that Smokey the Dog will get very very muddy when I put her in the back yard while the inlaws are over.

Why not let her stay in you ask? Simple, she sees a new person - and to her "new" means she has not seen them in five whole minutes - and she pees. It's never ever a lot of pee, a drop here, a drip there. It's not like we will need inflatable boats to navigate a river of pee, but each spot must be wiped and then sanitized with Lysol - truly? A five second job. BUT. I don't want to be cleaning puddles of pee and yelling DOWN SMOKEY all night.

Please, don't get the wrong idea about Smokey, at home, with just the five of us, she is an exceptionally well behaved dog. Sit and stay are more mastered. She will stay even if we leave a trail of raw bacon around the room! She won't leave her "stay" until the person who told her to stay has removed the command. She knows a tonne of other commands and obeys them all - when it is just us. She is a very good dog, she just has not been socialized, and thats OUR fault.

When I think of it, I should let her out tonight, I should yell DOWN SMOKEY and wipe up pee, becuase she needs to be socialized, and the sooner, the better!

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