Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Computer Addictions

I think I am addicted!

i have so much to do right now, but where am I? Thats right, I'm sitting in front of the computer - again!

Stuperman is ensconced on a chair watching An Indiana Jones movie, but instead of taking advantage of him being occupied to get some things done, here I am, typing away!

Tonight hubs folks will be coming over to help celebrate Stupermans fourth Birthday - Stupe will be having two parties this year - if you can call them parties - this first one will be all about the cake and the coffee. Kids laughing and the adults talking. There will be no gifts.

His next party will be on Friday, his actual day of birth, and that is when the gifts will be given. the reasoning for two parties is that we will be going to my fathers home to have Stupes birthday - Stepmomma cannot travel comfortably since the broken arm incident.

before Hubs folks come over I have floors to wash and vacuum, I need to do the dishes and clean the clutter off the counter tops ( Its amazing how much cleaner the kitchen looks without the clutter!!) My mother in law is a known neat freak, and therefore I try my best to have a tidy, if not clean home when she comes over. At least I don't have to paint the exterior shutters or wash the sidewalks off!

Well. I promised myself I would tackle my to-do list as soon as I finished this cup of java, and my mug is empty so i guess I better go!


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