Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things I Wonder

There are tonnes of things that I wonder about, but never get around to researching. Here are the top five of this week:

  • I wonder if I should have poked air holes in the jar that we had the caterpillars in. I think they are OK, as three have cocooned, but I wonder non the less.
  • I wonder why it took us so long to transfer the caterpillars so they all cocooned in the same place? Now I have two sets of chrysalises to watch over.
  • I wonder if a colon cleanser would help me get back to "regular"? I'm so very tired of this no go no go no go GOT TO GO!
  • I wonder if I will remember to take the sunscreen out of Parker's back pack. the stuff we have at home is, I think, expired. The stuff in P's back pack I KNOW is still good.
  • I wonder if I am depressed. If I should finally make that appointment. I'm sure that it is not normal for me to be fine for days and then suddenly be overcome with The Blahs.
What are you wondering this week?

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