Friday, October 24, 2008


Let me start by saying that I sure hope my family does not read this post! You see, my family thinks that since I take soooo many pictures and get quite a few nice ones ( really though, 1 awesome shot per 100 clicks of the shutter) I am some kind of camera whiz. BUT I'M NOT!

Here goes. I have a Kodak easy Share DX7590. It's a few years old, but its an alright camera. I have been off and on bitching to my husband that I want an SLR camera so that I can get different lenses - particularly a wide angle lens *swoon* and take some really neat shots! The reason I have been so half heartedly bugging hubs for the SLR is the price. Lenses are expensive enough without having to go and get a new camera to go with them!

I would love to have a huge zoom lens, like adding Nikon binoculars to my shutter so that I could get nice, non noisy shots of the boys while playing.. but again, I need a camera that you can interchange lenses on.


Day before yesterday I was cleaning all the cameras, it's something I do on a regular basis. Nothing worse than getting somewhere you know you want to take photos and finding a smudge on your lens, ya know?

So I was cleaning the DX - something I have done at LEAST a hundred times before, when I noticed wee little grooves around my lens. Kind of almost EXACTLY like the grooves you need to screw in the optional lenses you can buy.

Eye R Dum.

(Eye R Also Shopping for a new lens for Christmas!!)

* Dumb Chick Alert

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