Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is it Because I am Old?

We do our shopping every two weeks, on payday, and with the exception of milk and gas, if we forget to buy it then, or run out, we wait until the next shopping day to buy it. So every Sunday after shopping day, I start a new list of items that we need or have run out of, and for the last EIGHT shopping trips I have forgotten to get one simple thing.

See, nine weeks ago our power went out. And everything was fine until about nine PM when it started getting dark outside. we kept hoping that the power would come back on and that we would be able to see and do stuff, but we had to give in, finally, and light candles.

We have a LOT of candles, but most of them are decorative. In my bathroom alone I have nine different candles. Until that power outage, two of my votives, which were a gift but matched the pain on the walls EXACTLY, were kept in the shrink wrap they came in. However, when the power went out, we opened them up, put them on plates and lit them, along with about 12 other candles.

(we were trying to play a card game and you need a surprising amount of light for that - I think that the reason we needed So much light was the game that we were playing, Green 11, you have to be able to see the color of the cards - they are special cards- and with too little light you can mistake a blue 11 for a green 11, and that just cannot happen!)

Ahhhhny way. The item I keep forgetting to buy is two Votive candle holders for the candles that I had opened. I already have two votives in nice holders that I found for under a dollar,and it would be nice to be able to find two more that match it. As it is, those poor little votives are sitting, gathering dust under my sink waiting for a new home.

And yes, before you say anything, I DID get up half way through this post and wrote it down on the shopping list! I wont forget this time!

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