Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall means Mess

It Means Mud and sand and dirt and sticks and leaves coming into the house. I refuse to wear any of my "nice" shows when I take the kids to school, we have to walk trough a veritable landmine of muck and mire to get to the door (I feel sorry for the school janitors) so whey , WHY are people dressing to the nines to bring their kids to school? I'm talking Oscar de la Renta, perfect make up, not a hair out of place, and of course, all the matching accessories!

It's eight thirty int he MORNING! What time do you have to get up to look like that for eight thirty in the morning?? I mean, Most mornings I drive the kids to school with a coat over top my pajamas! (It's not a big deal people, I stay in the car, no one can see but the boys!)

In a month when we are dealing with -30 temps and the icy sidewalks that come with it, I'd love to see those girls wobble on their four inch heels up to the doors to drop Junior off to class. And me in my comfy pajamas? I'm not going to get snow and slush on MY fuzzy bunny slippers trying to help Little Miss fashion plate get back up!

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