Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh WTF ever, lady

I have been bringing Sammi to school with me when I drop off and pick up the boys all week. Two days in the past week, hubs was home and so I left Sammi with him. I bring her only because it breaks my heart to hear her cry as we walk out the door, plus she is so small and cute and I just want to eat her up!

All week I have done my best to keep Sammi tucked into my coat, knowing that if the 400 students in the school suddenly saw my cute little pup it would cause a hell of an commotion, but yesterday I had to stop into my eldest son's classroom to make sure there were no allergies for the students in his class. He will be bringing Birthday cupcakes on the 29th and I wanted to be sure.

I was in the class, and Parker, knowing Sammi was tucked into my coat told his teacher. He loves his pup and I cannot blame him for wanting to show her off! Well, from there it all spiraled out of control and by the time we made it out of the school 40 minutes later more than 20 teachers stopped in to hold and pet our sweet baby girl.

Therefore, today when I went in to get the boys I made less of an effort to hide Sammi, after all, yesterday the Principle himself was holding and petting her and did not say I should not be bringing her into the school!

We were on our way to the car when a woman stopped to admire Sammi. She kept insisting that Sammi could NOT be a mutt, that she was most definitely a Shitzu. This woman stood there, Starbucks coffee in hand, arguing with me! I had never met her before in my life!

Finally I told her that Sammi cannot possibly be a Shitzu becuase her mom was a Miniature poodle crossed with Miniature eskimo and her dad was a fox terrier. Well, that was the worst possible thing for em to ever say. Where before the woman was trying to get me to giver her an exact address of teh farm(reserve) where we got Sammi (because OMG she was free)(wtf seriously) Now she was backing away from us like Sammi had aids.

Terriers!!!! Have you any idea what you have done! She shrieked. Apparently a terrier needs to be played with 24/7 or they get very destructive.


Every dog is different. Even within the same breeds. Sammi will be a fine dog, as long as we take the time to teacher her the proper ways to behave.

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Anonymous said...

what a loser. it's because of people with her attitude that puppy mills are in business "MY dog must be purebred." the joke will be on her if she ever has kids and they don't turn out perfect.--phinz