Friday, October 10, 2008


Blake - he is six - he cracks me up! Last night he was brushing his teeth while his older brother finished up his preparations for bed. One of Parker's "jobs" to do before bed is to wash his face with medicated wipes. Parker has been getting black heads and pimples (Already!!!?) so we are trying to instill good hygiene early on to make sure his face stays under control when he is a teen and acne is a real concern.

Blake was staring at the mirror, toothbrush hanging out of his mouth when I walked in last night. I told him to hurry up, and he turned to me, dropping his toothbrush, with a big foamy grin on his face "FINALLY!" he said, "I have my first pimple".

Sure enough he had a tiny dot on the side of his nose. I let him use Parker's wipes, just to make him feel big.

I'm not sure I like that Blake is ready and WILLING to grow up so fast!

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