Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have a secret

It's a weird secret.

I've been watching Lost. The TV Series. Yeah. I KNOW! Now, right now you are thinking, WTF? That's no secret, a million people watch Lost. But the thing is, I HATE TV series, I hate being sucked into something that plays at a certain time on a certain day. I hate that I have to plan things around a Television show, becuase I don't want to miss an episode!

But hubs started watching Lost when our station started playing Season one. Tonight is the Season Two primere. It plays Monday to Friday at 10 PM, which is a pretty much perfect time for us. The kids are long in bed and it is late enough at night that I am back from coffee (when I go for coffee that is).

I sit here, everynight on my very uncomfortable couch, wishing that I had home theater seating, blogging blindly, watching Lost and correcting all my typos on commercials.

I never expected to be interested in this show. I mean, I've read about a million blog posts about how wonderful it is, adn the majority of the world is watching like season 64, but I got sucked in regardless.


Blogarita said...

We didn't think we'd like it, either, but we got sucked in right away. We watched the first three seasons on Netflix and thanks to the writer's strike last year, we were able to get caught up and ready for season four when it started. Now we can hardly wait for season five.

Anonymous said...

Been watching since the beginning and LOOOVE it! Welcome to The Land of Lost Groupies!--phinz
p.s.--ya gotta admit, that Sawyer is some sah-weet eye candy!