Friday, October 10, 2008

Tonight I win the lottery

No really! I tell myself this every Friday! We buy a weekly lotto ticket for our Provincial lotto, and sooner or later I will win more than ten bucks.

If I DID win, after paying my student loans and mortgage down to zero, I would buy a flash car, like a Ferrari. I wouldn't need to worry about finding Ferrari parts, cus I would have the money to ship them in from over seas...A Ferrari is a European car, right?

I would also take the kids on a super cool vacation - like a Disney cruise!

Please use the comments to name one thing you would do if you won a lottery!

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Matiz (Winning The Lottery) said...

Great imagination, its great to know that you buy a weeks ticket at once. What I do if I win the lottery is, I buy all the cars that I like. Hey do you follow any strategies that helps you while buying the lottery.