Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So, we haven't turned on our furnace yet. Part of it is I hate to see my bills go up, but a bigger part is that as soon as we give in and turn it on we are admitting that summer is over and that Winter really really is coming. And that depresses me.

We are going to have to give in VERY soon and turn it on. Seriously, I am in long underwear, jeans, a tee shirt AND a sweater, as well as fuzzy socks and slippers and I am SHIVERING.

The weather forecast is calling for snow flurries starting tomorrow night. Its time for me to plan one of those Vegas vacations, like Nobody is going on. Its hot in Vegas right? Or no? Tell me quick before I get too far in my planning!


Nobody™ said...

What? I'm going to Las Vegas? Really? When?

Oh yeah, and it's damn hot in Vegas.

Bluepaintred said...

what? isn't that what the ticket is for? I was Sure you had told me vegas....

We have had snow.

Nobody™ said...

It was a countdown to nothing.
Sadly, there is no Vegas this year. No vacation at all. Instead I guess I'll stay home and drink heavily.

Hope everything there is going well, I was sorry to hear about the uncle.