Friday, October 10, 2008

LE SIGH - What now you might ask?

I just had a shower. Not all together an odd thing, although, the timing of it was a bit off. I normally have my shower either in the early morning or late at night. I was busy cleaning house (PUPPY PROOFING!!) this morning, and I will be busy (PUPPY) tonight, so I had it now.

Everything was fine, until I stepped out of the shower. I was putting lotion on my face when I noticed something off. I wear body jewelry, a belly button hoop and a nose ring. The belly button ring is fine, but somewhere between last night and getting out of the shower I lost the little blue jewel from my nose ring!

Nose rings, the kind I get are not expensive, but where I buy them, you have to call ahead 24 hours (or visit) becuase they take the jewelry out of the display case and put it in their autoclave to make sure it has not been contaminated while on display.

I SUCK at remembering things, so I will not remember to call ahead on Friday night (next Friday) so that I can pick up my new nose jewelry Saturday when we are in the city!

Just my luck!

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