Sunday, October 05, 2008


It's 10:37 (my time, dunno what time it is where you are!!) And I am, obviously, awake. I'm not sure anyone ever sleep blogs, but that would be kind of cool to read, wouldn't it? Imagine waking up, firing up your blog to find something you had written in your sleep!

I'm not quite sure why I am up, not just up , but quite wide awake, at this time of the morning, But I don;t really want to complain! I actually have stuff to do today!

I need to get the dishes done, and a bit of laundry, but most importantly, I need to run into the city and grab a package of soft paws for the cat. We have the claws from a package of soft paws, but our glue has all dried out. Tigger must have the soft paws on before Sammi comes home. She's rather a grouchy nasty cat, and from what I have heard, Sammi is a very, very playful puppy.

(The word Belinda used was "mean" but she qualified it with the fact that the rest of the puppies in the litter are rather shy and skittish and Sammi, even though she is half their size (she is the runt) is always after them to play. Nomming on their tails and ears even when they are trying to sleep!)

Needless to say, I am very excited to hear that Sammi is a frisky, playful puppy. One of the things we were worried about the most when we had to pick our puppy at four days old was that we would not be able to watch them play and get a feel for their temperment. Looks like we did OK, but really, we will have to wait until Friday (OMG FRIDAY!!) when we have Sammi home with us!

Just a quick reminder of what Sammi looked like at four days old :

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