Thursday, October 16, 2008


I know its not proper, nor right, but how the children eat their evening meal sets the tone of how I feel emotionally. When I have fight with the boys to get them to eat I end up with headaches, I am very bitchy and very, almost lethargic?

But when they eat well, my mood does a complete turnaround. I can be having the crappiest day on earth, but seeing them clean their plates sends me over the moon! And trust me, it is VERY rare that the boys eat well.

(They get it from me. I'm an extremly picky eater and so are they - though they are much worse than I am)

I wish I had taken a photo of tonight's meal. The boys ate better than I think they EVER have!

I had taken out pork chops for hubs and I and was not looking forward to fighting with the boys to make them eat that. When I had the chops sliced and marinating (just some garlic seasoning and a dash of italian dressing, enough to coat everything well) I realised there was not enough of the pork chops to feed all five of us. I was looking around wondering what to feed the boys when I saw the slices of ham in the fridge.

My mother in law had sent slices of ham off a ham.... uhm roast? A ham thingy. Those round things with kind of a quilted outside? Whatever, slices of ham. Slices that were sent to my house and were living in my fridge.

I tossed them in a frying pan, no butter, no oil, just sliced ham. I heated it up and browned it a bit and took it out. While I did that the two youngest boys mixed honey and mustard to make a sauce for their ham. Then we just had sliced cheese, carrots and some cheesey pasta.

The boys ate all of their food and then went back for more. And then MORE! I ended up having to fry more ham for them!

It was awesome.

The pork chops were good too. I almost feel like I should be taking diet pills to make up for how much I ate tonight!

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