Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Box

So, first I need each and every one of you to know and understand that i would sell my soul, I would sell my children's souls for one tiny midol. Four months of not having my period, and bam, it comes last night.

I would really like to curl up in a ball and cry right now!

Anyway. The Box. The Box full of wonderful delights from here to there, has not yet arrived. Hubs sent it airmail, sans tracking code, so for all I know it is lost in space!

The Box is just one of the shipping boxes that I store in my sewing room, but inside the box are things that took me weeks to choose! Funny Things, special things, Well, mostly funny things!

But. Hubs neglected to get the tracking code.

I sure hope it gets to it's destination today!

Pee ess : here is a link to my Sheila - when she does receive the box, I am sure she will post alllll about it!

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