Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update on my ME

Well, combine three hours of sleep with excruciating pain, pain that is not dulled by the (many) Advil nor the (many many)Tylenol I have taken, and you will end up with a very cranky me.

I suggest very strongly that if you are the religious type, you take up your religious jewelry in your hand, hold it tight and start praying you do not piss me off.

I am, in fact, unsure I have ever been hit by this beast called PMS this hard before in my life. The anger at the slightest thing I feel is downright frightening!

A child asking for a cookie, a Husband asking for my attention, the dog begging for a treat, it all makes me want to scream.

I do not LIKE this attitude, and even in the midst of a red hazed temper tantrum, I can realize that my reaction is absolutely improper, but I cannot seem to stop it.

For the children's peace of mind, to save them from my angst, I have sent them outside to play. In the rain. There is no safe haven for the husband, he is stuck with me. We can only hope that this ends soon. Very soon.

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