Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I always

...I always thought that the saying "I have blisters on my blisters" was just a saying. Now I know this is false, because I have blisters on my blisters!

We have two ugly bushes in the front yard. It goes Bush, apple tree, bush, apple tree. The apple trees are beautiful, I love them. They are my best friends and I am going to have their babies!

Uhm. yea.

OK, so the point is, I hate the bushes! Last fall I cut them down to the stem. Literally every single branch was cut to the ground. Today, when I started cutting them, they were six feet by six feet. Or more. I dunno. Those crappy trees grow and grow and grow and then? they grow a bit more. After that? you guessed it, they grow even MORE.

And I hate them.

So I grabbed some kitchen scissors and started but those gave me blisters, so I quit after the first tree.

Lets not mention the fact that I am ALLERGIC to the freaking tree!

So I quit and went down the street to my father in laws house to borrow his tree clipper things and went at the second tree.

Not surprisingly, Those also gave me blisters.

So now? I am left with ugly - if trimmed - trees and bloiters on my blisters.


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