Wednesday, July 23, 2008

September/December babies!

My brother's girlfriend is due in September with her second child.
My brother's Wife is due in December with her first child.


The September baby is a girl, and I think the December baby is too, but they refuse to take a look see during ultra sounds, preferring to be surprised. That actually makes it hard when it comes to buying baby gifts.

Like my Friend C. She had a baby in mid April. I bought a baby gift for her, but not knowing the gender of her child I ended up getting her this dorky plush blocks set. Woo.

If I had known she was going to have a girl, I had seen the most darling summer dress, I would have LOVED to pick that up for the baby, but nooooooo, they want to be surprised!

Well fine. September baby will get an awesomely girly gift , given to her in the hospital, but little Mr/Miss December? She/He will have to wait until such a time as I have been informed of the gender!


Anonymous said...

I doooo soooo hope we're not talking about the same brother here...

Bluepaintred said...

HAH! no, when my dad married his wife two brothers. My blood brother, he has the pregnant girlfriend, my step brother (but I hate step, he is family now, not a step!) has the wife!