Wednesday, July 30, 2008

September 12th - not so far away!

My brothers long time girlfriend is pregnant with their second child, a little girl. She is not due until September 12th, but we had a scare this week where we went into Labour and delivery because we thought she might have gone into premature labour.

thankfully, she was NOT in premature labour and the baby is fine.

But it seems to have kicked their butts into gear! they are now pretty frantic about getting the baby's nursery ready. They, unfortunately, lost their crib, car seat and stroller in a move - long story, and need to get those items - especially the car seat as the hospital will not discharge a baby unless they are in their car seat!

So my brother's Girlfreind has been in and out of furniture stores and baby super centers looking for the items they need. She is pretty sure she has found the crib she wants, but is still on the hunt for that all important car seat!

But oh! The cute and tiny outfits she has ready just make my heart melt! I cannot wait to hold this little person!

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