Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vacation - Success!

Looks like we will be going camping this summer after all!


Back story : Smokey - our dog - came to us from a farm 11 hours away, in November, VIA a kennel in the back of a pick up truck. The ride was long, and cold and lonely. She was one of 11 pups, who had known 12 weeks of having her siblings, her mom and dad, as well as about six other adult dogs with her. She had never been in a vehicle, much less taken an 11 hour ride in the cold, before.

Because of that horrible ride, Smokey came to us hating cars, and trucks, and basically anything with a motor. We found this out one evening when we decided to load her up and take her into the city for some dog toy shopping. She puked and pooped and foamed at the mouth. She shook and cried and was generally terrified. I've never felt like a meaner person that when I had to push her rump to get her back into the car for that 20 minute ride home from the city.

Since then, we have slowly been acclimating her with the car. First by just getting her to go in it for treats, and in the past week, we have taken her for short drives, 10- 15 minutes every night. In the middle of each ride we stop for something fun, a few minutes of running in a park, to explore the pond and water fountain. When we get home she gets treats and cuddles.

She has not soiled herself, nor does she spend the whole time crying and shaking, but she does bark. A lot. In fact, she barks constantly. We have just over a month to get her up to handling a 45 minute drive, becuase mid August we will be heading out to the campground.

Our first plan was for Smokey to spend the weekend at my brothers place, but he was evicted. I checked out the kennel, but felt Smokey would not get the kind of attention she was used to, and the prices were horrible. My Mother in law offered to come over every few hours to walk her and play with her, but she would spend the rest of that time alone. In a kennel.

So it was decided we would not go camping. and we were all pretty sad. Sure, Camping is not on par with Vegas vacations, but we LOVE it.

With the improvements Smokey has made in the past week, we are determined to bring her with us. I know she will love being outside with us, and she will be fine sleeping in the tent. I am kind of sad that we might not be able to go to the pool, becuase I will not leaver her alone in the campsite (she would BARK!BARK!BARK!) but hubs said he is willing to stay back at the site with her while me and the kids go, so that might be an option..

Anyway. I'm super happy that we are going. I just wish it was sooner than the middle of August!

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