Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the Road Again!

Yesterday I had made plans with my aunt to meet at a local water park (FREE!! LOVE IT!!) so that my kids and her adopted child could play while we chatted.

We were to meet at 1pm, and I knew how to get to the water park - an important thing indeed! She called at 12:45 saying that she was running very behind waiting on a person to get to her RV site so they could all go.

Not a big deal I said, just call when it is time to meet. But when she suggested I drive to her RV site and we could chat while waiting. I very hesitantly agreed.

You see, I am nasty horrible, terrible, awful with directions. On paper, the directions looked very simple, I had to drive to Costco at the edge of town - I can do that! Then pass Costco, continue on to a highway I have never been on in my LIFE, follow wee little brown signs and eventually I would find the park!

I have never in my life wished for a Garmin GPS more than I did that afternoon!

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