Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just an Observation

I was scrolling my feeds this morning and read a post. I think by Bossy? Any way, she had a picture of a STACK of business cards she received from people at Blogher 08.

What the heck is the point? Who is going to go home and roll o dex all those cards? Who is actually going to remember who belongs to which card? I say go and get a big box of promotional pens and give those out. People NEED pens. I always have one or two pens in my purse, more in the drawer set aside just for pens and pencils.

Each time you take out and use a pen, you cannot help but notice the logos, names, ect. written on the pen. Besides. Pens are useful, little squares of paper not only kill trees, is anyone REALLY gonna store them?


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