Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just finished my Wii Fit for the day. I'm pleased to report I am sweaty and my heart is beating at a nice fast rate! I decided to cool down by taking a walk to the mail box.

I've been waiting for my new diet pills to come for two and a half weeks now!


(heh. too lazy to stick this in PS so I covered my address with my keys. I am sneaky!)

I bought one bottle, and there are 62 pills in each bottle. I have to take one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Is it a coincidence that August is almost here and there are 31 days in August?

I think not!

Unfortunately, even if the pills work as well as I have heard they do, I will only be doing them for the month of August. I am saving up for something very important - even more important than me being slim!!

I have already lost 4.2 pounds on the Wii Fit (over 18 days)(I missed the last 8 days 'cus my tummy was sore, so 4.2 in ten days) and my goal is to lose twenty to twenty five in total, so if the pills help me drop, say an additional ten pounds, I am almost at my goal. And of course, I will continue with the Wii Fit!

Friday Morning I will take my very first pill. On that day I will post my start weight (not sure what blog yet, but I will link if it is not here) and I will update as I see changes!


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