Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stupid - or lazy?

Some dude is a retard. He is throwing a bunch of stuff onto the curb.

1. Garbage day was Friday - that means that stuff will be sitting there, in front of his house for five more days.

2. He is tossing out stuff like a couch (really ugly and worn)(yes I went and looked) weight benches and a - yes really- a DOG HOUSE!

2.a. When Friday does roll around, he will expect all his junk to be picked up and taken away. Did he not read the notice we all got last April? You know, the big neon yellow paper TAPED onto our new garbage cans? The one that stated that they ONLY pick up what is in the garbage can, and nothing around it? Thats it is an AUTOMATED truck thingy doing the picking up and NOT a person like last year?


At least I can be thankful he is tossing out household goods and NOT heaps of garbage! Imaging the stench.

Wonder how long he will leave it there before hauling it away himself?

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