Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Dog's Day

Back story. It gets pretty darn hot here, and our dog really has no way of cooling off. She has her own little pool, But she does not get in it very often.

So we buy these rollover things, Slice them and freeze them flat on a cookie sheet.

We call them Pupsicles.

The boys have come up with a plan for Smokey's birthday part (August tenth). So far, they have

1.planned out the cake :

A slice of roll over - not frozen, with a carrot wrapped in a piece of baloney in the center for a candle - with just a bit of the carrot showing so it is like a flame, then freeze it so it stays together. After it is frozen, the children would like Hubs to decorate it with icing.

2. Decided that she should NOT have balloons - becuase she pops them.

3. and that we NEED to send out birthday invitations.

I'm not sure if they mean send invites to the neighbor hood dogs, or to family members.

looks like it will be quite a party, thought I doubt Smokey will wear her party hat!

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