Thursday, July 17, 2008

Payday Plans

Tomorrow, Payday, I will be purchasing a few things.

Hubs needs a car adapter for his PSP for when we go camping - we plan on leaving him at the campsite with the dog while the rest of us go swimming, and the car adapter will ensure he is well occupied for the hours and hours and hours we will be at the pool. The adapter costs under ten dollars on eBay, but almost forty dollars in the stores, so we will be buying in on eBay.

I will be paying Sheila back - she saved my butt by providing the money I was short when I forgot about renewing my blog. Actually, I will be paying Sheila back before I buy the adapter LOL.

And third, I will be starting another step in my weight loss journey by ordering my diet pills. Please remember, these pills - or, their ingredients - have been examined by my doctor, the doctor I have been seeing for six years, and he has deemed them safe for me. Please also take not that I am changing how I eat, and getting added exercises Every Day.

By the time all of that is done, I do believe my paycheck will be gone.

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