Thursday, July 10, 2008

Somedays I scare myself.

Today I had an almost disaster, thanks to some very very very good friends, the disaster was averted. You see, Today I wanted to post some photos of my boys, and I bunny hopped over to my other blog, Where Was I? Only to find it was GONE.

[cue horror movie type scream here]

My mind raced as I tried to figure out what the hell had happened when it hit me. Yahoo. You see, way, way back in 1998 I was introduced to the internet by my then boyfriend, now husband. From there I found yahoo, and in particular, their games. I fell in LOVE with a game called Canasta and played it constantly.

But to join Yahoo, you need to first sign up. Well, I was SO new to the internet that I was terrified of giving out ANY personal information, so my registration looked like this:

NAME : laskurfsndf
Date Of Birth : lalksfjapofs
COUNTRY: alksjfoaipsf

Are you getting the picture?

Fast forward now ten and a half years, I was still using the same Yahoo account, Bluepaintred, and had used my Yahoo e-mail to sign up for almost everything. It's better to use a web based e-mail, like Yahoo, Hotmail or G-mail - my favorite is g-mail) than the email your ISP provides you because if you change ISP's you will lose that e-mail.

ANYWAY. My boys dumped a full glass of water on my laptop, and I had to set yahoo (and everything ELSE) up again. Except. I forgot my password. And all my info was fake so I could not request a new one, AND I had forgotten that one of my domains was up for renewal, and that the renewal forms were sent to - you guessed it, my yahoo e-mail.


This is getting longer than the used cisco network cords, so I will continue this horrifying tale in another post!

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