Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where Was I : A Continuation of Where I Was

So. Where Was I? LOLz!

Round Four PM this afternoon, I took the laptop, and my computer memory card out to the garage to sit in the shade, blog, drink coffee and keep an eye on the boys. My first decision was "Where do I want to blog". I decided that the best place for the pictures would be Where Was I and clicked over to it.

Then I closed the window, convinced I had clicked the wrong button and tried again. And Again. And then I panicked!

In the time it took me to load and reload the page a few times, digital signage was flashing in my head :




Me. That's what kind. The domain place had tried to email me (I later found out there had been four reminders starting four weeks before the date it was due) but becuase I had no way to access my Yahoo account, I had not received any of them.

Did I mention yet that I started to panic?

I headed over to the place that I bought my domains from, NameCheap, tried to login to see what the reactivation would cost me, and crossed my fingers, knowing I only had 5 dollars in my paypal account becuase we had just bought the Wii Fit!

But. Did you see that word up there? TRIED? As in I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! And becuase I am an idiot and do not write them down, I was screwed.

Then I remembered that Nobody had helped me set Where Was I up on the domain and to do that, I had told him the password, and then not changed it.

I twittered and emailed my distress to him and he came through - while at his children's swimming lessons with the PW. YAY! And Then, THEN, I had to ask a friend to loan me Five dollars to bring me up to enough to be able to renew the domain, which was only 9.29.

Thankfully, My BFF Sheila came through for me, and loaned me the $ and litteraly, the minute the screen cleared with the payment, I clicked over to Where Was I and there she was, in all her glory!



Sheila said...

I know, I know... I kick ass.

Bluepaintred said...

yes you do.

no joke.

you kick ass.

I don't know a single person online I feel comfortable enough with that I could feel free asking them for a loan like I asked you.

I know that 5.00 is not a lot, but you were busy, and are as broke as I always am, and you still came through, and I love you for it.

But I'm still gonna hit on my Tommy.

Make money online said...

Hi Bluepaintred,
You got 2 lucky points:
1- The domain still can renewable, if not ...I do not know what happen.
2- Very good friend Sheila

I got similar problem last 2 years. I register a domain with luckyregister for my customers and I changed my email address since so much spam. One day my costomer called me and I just want to die!!! But still lucky enough since the domain still have one day left before locked for renewal.