Sunday, July 06, 2008


All afternoon I have been trying to bid - successfully - on a Wii Fit. After all, the reason we got the Wii was because I wanted to use the Wii Fit!~

So far I have bid in four different auctions, all around the same price, and every single time I am the highest bid until anywhere fro 30 to OMG 11 seconds remaining.

It's easier to play beer pong with whiskey than to get a Wii Fit on eBay!

We would buy it in stores, but they NEVER have them in stock. Well. We did see it that one time, about a week before we located our Wii. We talked about picking it up and eventually decided it was too weird to iuy a game for a system before we have the system. By the time we drove home from the city that night we were kicking ourselves for not picking it up, and hubs went back to the store the next day after work, but they had sold out by then.

We haven't seen it since!

Eventually, I will win the Fit. I might have to wait until next payday so I can up my bid, but eventually, it will be MINE!


Jaz said...

I got really tired of bidding and losing because I didn't want to pay more than in the stores for things. Have you tried choosing just the "buy it now" stuff? Sometimes the price is right and I get a better deal than if I had to bid.

Oh and I found out that a lot of things I thought would be a good price on eBay were even cheaper at They have new and used items all over the place.

Bluepaintred said...

Amazon is rather cool, but the .com part of it is a pain in the ass. they do not ship to canada. and the .ca part of amazon has dickshitall for inventory

as for the buy it nows, they were, for the wii fit at least, about 30 bucks more than I could get in auction. for a lot of other things I use the buy it now feature!