Saturday, November 10, 2007


Once again we spent the evening on the couch watching the movie 300. I am not sure what it is I love so much about this movie. The casually caustic remarks the Spartans make in the heat of a battle? The bare, muscled chests? Maybe it is the narrators voice, which - best casting decision Ever!

If you have not seen the movies 300 - based on a graphic novel (not quite sure what a graphic novel is, but the hubs is constantly reminding me of that fact) - you really need to get off your butts and rent it.

The first time we watched it, we saw it in a theater. I have never, EVER, wanted to turn around and head back into the movies and watch the same one over again. This should tell you it was an awesome show.

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Anonymous said...

graphic novel = fancy, new, upscale name for comic book
(renamed thus so that large, adult-aged little boys don't have to stop reading them...)