Friday, November 09, 2007


I had to dig out the big bag of mitts and touques today!

That really sucks.

Paint dropped in page rank to a ONE.

That REALLY sucks.

Bluepaintred dropped to a TWO.

I think I am going to cry.

Why deos Google hate me so much? Was it becuase I used Yahoo to search for It;s not my fault! Yahoo is my default homepage - It has news and links. Google just has a search bar! Sometimes it is just easier to use Yahoo.

I'm sorry Google, but you can kiss my ass. ( or, give me back my page rank in exchange for me kissing yours)


Anonymous said...

Ok - help out a body who thinks it's cold when the temp dips below 70F. What are touques?

Bluepaintred said...

A touque is simply a warm hat so we do not freeze our ears off when!