Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bad decision

I very very rarely wear make up but yesterday for soem reason I did up my eyes, Eye Liner, mascara, the whole bit!

I had fun putting it on and I felt good wearing it, but when i hopped into my nightly bath it was like it was melting off me. In it's defense, my bath was pretty darn hot!.

BRB gonna make a cuppa tea.

Ok Back.

In any case last night my make up was running all over my face so when I got out of the bath I started to wash my face, like I always do, but I thought I would be smart and run soap just under my eyes, where most of the make up had dripped too.

Then I blinked.

The next half hour is a blur of water rinses and burning pain.

Don't get soap in your eyes people. We were taught that as kids and out eyes don't turn magically impervious to the nasty side effects of soap just becuase we age!

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Fireflower said...

soap, shampoo, running cosmetics... Did you know that baby wipe residue also stings horribly when you get it in your eyes?

Cups of tea fix a lot of things. So do hot baths. If this town did not have a "sulfur issue" with it's water, I'd take more baths.