Saturday, November 17, 2007

Today I :

  • Did Not do the dishes
  • I did sleep in
  • but not enough that I did not get the brat off to school
  • I did however go BACK to bed after sending him.
  • I watched a baby sleep.
  • Twice.
  • I drank a pot and a half of coffee
  • only
  • no really. Only a pot and half.
  • then I drank water
  • and a cuppa tea
  • I made a prank phone call
  • AND did not pee my pants from laughter while doing so.
  • I'm pretty sure my husband came close though.
  • I wrote about the prank cal on BPR
  • now I am typing here.
  • Soon I am going to bed.
  • *wink*Wink* knowwhatImean
  • I like bedtime

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