Saturday, November 17, 2007

Princess Phil and the Golden spoon

One day Princess Phil desperately wanted a bowl full of ice cream. She went to her royal mom to ask, but the Queen was busy with her maid getting ready for a royal ball to be held that night.

Princess Phil tromped down the castle stairs rather sulkily in search of the King. Surely he would help in her royal princessy quest!

Unfortunately the King was Busy with his tailor being fitted with a new suit for the royal Ball to be held that night.

Princess Phil Stomped her royal foot and gnashed her royal teeth and even that did not help her get a bowl of ice cream.

Off she tromped to the royal kitchen to ask the cook.

The cook was very busy with preparations for the Meal to be eaten during the Royal Ball that was to be held that night, but she took pity on Poor Princes Phil and handed her a golden spoon.

Princess Phil, she said, If you can scoop out ice cream with this princess worthy golden spoon, than ice cream you shall have. However. If you cannot scoop out a bowl full of ice cream, you shall have to wait until after you have had your royal dinner!

Princess Phil was sure she would be able to scoop many scoops of wonderful ice cream into her princessy bowl and happily trotted off, her faithful friend rock, in her hand.

Little did Princess Phil know, Gold is very soft, and Ice cream is very hard. Each time Princess Phil tried scooping a scoop, her shiny golden spoon would bend and the ice cream would fall off.

But thats OK. There was Ice cream for dessert after the Royal Ball!

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Shelli said...

I hate that about ice cream. The scooping part, I mean.