Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bad Credit Car Loans

Here is the thing. You need a car to get to work. You need a job to pay for the car that you need to get to work. But what if your car breaks down? What if you don’t have a car. Worst of all what if the above happens and you have bad credit? It’s a vicious circle because without a car to get to work you cannot pay your bills and get good credit, but how does one go about getting Bad Credit Auto Loans?

It is more likely that you will get one from a new car dealership than a used car dealership because franchised car dealer more often than not you will have more lenders competing for your High risk auto loan.

Auto loans for Bad credit can do two things. The can, number one, ensure you have a car so that you can pay your bills b getting to work on time in a reliable vehicle and two, it looks really good on your credit report to make payments on a car and in the long term, an auto loan will help to improve our bad credit!

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