Friday, November 23, 2007

Digital Age

I remember when to see a risque magazine you had to ask the clerk at the desk for one. NOw you walk into any convenience store and they are all sitting there in plain view.

Oh sure, Play Boy and Play Girl and Maxim and all of those are wrapped in plastic so that curious eight year olds who escape from their mother to go drool over the girls can't just open them up and go from a PG education to a XXX one in minutes, but still.

The girls on the cover, I feel are teaching boys the wrong thing. The maxim lighting and generous photoshopping skills make the girls look perfect. Not a single flaw to be found. So the boys will grow to men looking for this perfect woman, but they are not going to find her on this side of a magazine!

They are going to measure every girl they see against the unattainable false perfection ones and find them lacking. Eventually they will "settle" for one, but always feel like there is something better out there, and girls are going ot continue to get unnecessary cosmetic procedures to try and look like the cover girls. But it;s impossible without digital alteration.

Sometimes I hate that I was born in this digital age.


Angel said...

I agree with you completely, and I think that these "magazines" and "videos" are part of the reason that some young women are literally killing themselves to be thin and pretty. They do this because that is the standard set by such magazines and videos.

carrie said...'s ridiculous...there's some GREAT videos on YouTube about how they do all the paintshop stuff...

Marilyn said...

I bought a Playgirl once and about died of embarassment... I can't imagine my husband walking up to a counter and purchasing one, but I guess it's all available on the web anyway.

All I know is I'll never attain it. I'm just working on not having to buy pluss sizes... sigh...