Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Today has been a day from hell. Put the horrendous computer issues I have been having together with the kids being little PITA's and you have me with my brain wanting to explode.

I had to take the middle one to the dentist, his gums were swollen and ouchy looking on the top - turns out he has FOUR canker sores! Of course the baby wanted a toy from the dentist, but they are really strict about "If you don't sit in the chair you do not get a toy" so he screamed until we got home and I distracted him with one of his own toys! The middle boy - the one who DID sit int he chair choose a sticky hand which is currently stuck on the roof.

I am waiting on some family to stop by and cursing the computer as I watch the clock.

now I think I have my computer issues all worked out - fingerscrossedreallytightly - so maybe, MAYBE my afternoon will go better than my morning!

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Fireflower said...

Ouchie! Hope it goes much, much better from here on out.